Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the trip?

Each trip is about an hour long. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before departure time to sign the waivers and get checked in. Due to scheduling, we can not hold the boat for late arrivals.

Where does the trip go?

Depending on the conditions on the day of your trip we will either go out into the Atlantic Ocean along the beaches of Daytona, Ponce Inlet, and New Smyrna or on the rivers of the Intercoastal Waterway.

How fast does the boat go?

On a calm day the Sea Racer can reach speeds up to 50mph but typical cruising speed is between 30-40mph.

Can anyone go on the Sea Racer?

Due to our insurance, we are not allowed to have passengers under the age of 5, pregnant women, or people with any pre-existing back/neck issues. The Sea Racer is a comfortable ride but we encounter some waves and boat wakes that can make the trip bumpy for short periods of time.

Can we make reservations?

Yes, it is easiest to book right here on our website. Visit the home page and click the Get Tickets button.

Can we book private trips?

Yes, we can arrange private trips or birthday parties and other special events. Please call us at (386)481-3050 to schedule these.